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Reflective Tape Tricks

Reflective Tape Tricks

By Paul Goodson

Here is a great tip for still hunters and hunters who use treestands.

This simple trick will allow you to easily see which way the wind is blowing and, for only about five dollars.

You’ll need to purchase some brightly colored reflective tape, the kind often used to mark bicycles, mailboxes, boats or driveway markers. You should be able to find the rolls at any hardware or home improvement store. You’ll also need some strong string and clothespins.

Cut several approximately 1/8” x 4” strips of tape, remove the backing and stick them back-to-back to form one strip so they can be seen from both sides. Leave one end open until you insert the string.

Cut the strings approximately 10 inches long and insert them into the tape strips, then pinch the end closed. Then, tie the other end of the string to a clothespin so that the tape will dangle from the string and flutter freely in the breeze.

Now you can clip these from branches around your stand to easily see the wind direction.

The reflective tape wind indicators are also visible with a flashlight, so if you strategically place them on limbs leading to and from your stand, they’ll serve as trail markers, as well.

I’ve used this trick for a long time, and I really like being able to easily see which way the wind is blowing at all times.

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