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Reading the Rut

Check Out Our Video TipsWatch the progression of the rut to make the right moves when hunting. Conventional wisdom says that bucks are all chasing does and all bets are off. Well, a buck that has just successfully bred a doe or lost her to a more dominant buck will often return to his old haunts and freshen up his scrapes.

This is more often the case in areas where the rut is a long, drawn-out affair. When previously neglected scrapes suddenly look fresh again, you are in the neighborhood of a lonely buck.

All during the rut, watch where does travel and concentrate on places a buck might travel to quickly check those trails and areas. Bucks looking for does tend to hang out in heavy cover downwind of areas of high doe use.

When a buck is on a hot doe’s trail, it will follow her onto main trails or anywhere else she goes. Keep your eyes open during the rut because a buck could turn up anywhere.

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