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Ratchet Up Archery Targets

Ratchet Up Archery Targets

By Carmine Grasso

If you're like most hunters these days, you try to save money wherever you can.

As much as we shoot our bows in preparation for archery season, we can go through archery targets pretty fast, especially using broadheads.

If you own a layered style foam target, you know how layers begin to sliver over time. Before long, your arrows start passing completely through the target in the worn out center area.

While pass through shots are what you want on white-tailed deer, they are not what you are looking for in backyard practice.

Pass-throughs will begin to rip apart your arrow vanes, and your broadheads will become dulled and bent from hitting rocks. What's even more aggravating is losing an arrow you know you've placed perfectly in the bull's-eye.

Here's an inexpensive solution to tighten those loose layers and prolong spending money to replace your target.

Check Out Our Video Tips!Take two ratcheting, tie-down straps and place them around the sides of your target. Use one on the front end and one at the back, then tightly ratchet down the loose layers.

When the layers become worn and loose again, ratchet the straps again, as far as they can go.

The layers are now compressed tightly, and you can keep shooting without having to spend $70 or more for a new target. You'll save money on having to re-fletch or replace arrows, as well.

The tie down straps should only cost a few dollars, and your target will last as long as you can keep the layers compressed.