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Rake Path of Least Resistance

Rake Path of Least Resistance

By Fred Hunke

After reading the February 11, 2014, Tip of the Week, "Rake Away Crunchables," I thought of a similar tactic I've used for many years to help put whitetails in front of me.

I use a rake to create a path for the deer in strategic areas around and leading to my treestand.

Deer nearly always take the path of least resistance, and you can funnel them into the areas where you want them to go.

First, find your best shooting lane; then use the rake to clear it and turn a path broadside at 20 yards. Also, make a way for deer to walk past your stand and continue about ten yards once they pass by. This gives you time to observe them and time to make your shot.

I have been using this tactic for 20 years with great success, and you'll discover deer, and even other wildlife, will adopt the paths you have created with a rake.

Also, try using a doe scent drag on the path, too, then hang it up at the end of the trail. Just make sure you are wearing cover scents, rubber boots and scent-free clothing when you do this.

If you rake a path of least resistance and create a scent trail, I think you'll be surprised by the results!

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