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PVC Pipe Arrow Case

Laurie Sotelo

By Laurie Sotelo

Recently I was in the market for a good hard case to store my arrows for transportation.

I searched several sporting goods stores and found cases that were quite expensive, bendable and not exactly what I would consider to be well-designed.

I decided it shouldn't be all that difficult to build a good one from simple PVC pipe.

I measured my arrows, then went to the local hardware store and purchased a 10-foot length of 4-inch diameter PVC pipe and two screw-in, watertight end caps.

I had the hardware store guy cut the pipe to the length of my arrows plus room for the end caps and a little extra breathing space for the arrows.

My total cost was under $20 and I had enough leftover pipe to build two more hard cases, only needing to buy the end caps when the time came to make them.

Now I can pack my arrows in my checked bag for air transport without worry of them being damaged by baggage handlers. This is especially important with aluminum shafts, as they won't return to shape after being bent.

Check Out Our Video Tips!I've found if I insert all my arrows in the same direction, the vanes will bunch up, so it's best to insert some nock first and others tip first. They fit better with this staggered arrangement. Just don't put broadheads on your arrows until you remove them from the case.

You can glue in a circular pad of Styrofoam inside each end cap if you are worried about the arrows jostling inside the tube. I don't think it would be too difficult to make a broadhead pad to go inside the end caps.

Editor's Note: I, too, have made arrow tubes from PVC. I used a solid cap on the bottom and a screw-in cap on top. I made a 3-inch version as well. It was a little lighter and easier to pack and still holds six arrows well, especially using Laurie's staggered-arrow arrangement.

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