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Population-Control Hunts

Check Out Our Video TipsWith the whitetail deer population exploding nationwide and with the whitetail’s particular ability to live close to human habitation, the public perception of "Bambi" is changing. Ask any non-hunting suburbanite who has had a few thousand dollars of landscaping chewed up by hungry deer. Increasingly, deer are being seen as pests.

More and more people and communities also are realizing what hunters have long known. Hunting helps control out-of-control deer herds. In many areas, special deer-population control hunts are being conducted where hunting was previously not allowed. Because of noise, range and safety considerations, bowhunting is favored in many suburban areas. These control hunts often occur toward the end of the regular deer season and sometimes deer taken on these hunts do not count against a hunter’s overall bag limit.

Take advantage of any special deer control hunts in your area. You’ll be doing a service to the deer and the community. Finally, because these areas have not been hunted for some time, they can produce some very nice trophy bucks.