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Land Management
Land Management

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Planting Method


METHOD: If weeds exist on your food plot site use a non-selective type of chemical burn down to kill the weeds and reduce competition. Prepare a smooth, firm seedbed by plowing and dragging the soil. This will remove all vegetation and debris from the site thus eliminating competition.

Fertilizer and lime can be applied during this step so it can be worked into the soil. Before spreading the seed, check to see that the seedbed is firm using a culti-packer or drag to firm it if needed.

Broadcast the seed at the recommended rate evenly across the area. Use a light drag or packer to cover the seed no deeper than the maximum depth indicated on the seed package. Making good seed to soil contact is the key to establishing a productive food plot.


SOIL TEST: Apply lime according to test results to maintain a 6.0-7.0 pH

FERTILITY: Apply Pennington Wildlife Food Plot Fertilizer 8-12-12 at a rate of 400 pounds/acre or 10 pounds per 1,000 sq. ft. Follow the directions on the bag for subsequent applications.

This fertilizer is specially formulated for wildlife food plots as well as native and natural vegetation. It is made up of slow release nitrogen fertilizer that will last for months. It has all the major and minor nutrients your plants will need such as iron, zinc, boron and many more. In addition, it contains dolomitic pelletized limestone to aid in neutralizing acidic soils.

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