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People Tend to Stink

-- Last week's tip covered various ways to attract deer and cover your scent, but a deer's nose deserves even more attention. Cover scents are valuable for masking human odor, but you can further your cause by eliminating as many foreign smells as possible.

Using unscented soap and deodorant, an odor neutralizer for outerwear and brushing your teeth are essential before heading out to your stand.

There are hunters who smoke in their stands and dip smokeless tobacco, and they sometimes take the biggest buck in the woods. Anything can happen if the deer is upwind, but it just makes good sense to eliminate all the odors that might alarm a whitetail.

One of the best products for combating human scent is the Scent-Lok clothing system.  Scent-Lok uses a filtered charcoal technology to absorb human odor. When the Buckmasters film crews started to use Scent-Lok suits, their success rate went up significantly.  Don't forget the hood. Much of your human scent comes from your head.

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