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Pennsylvania online treestand safety course now available

From the Pennsylvania Game Commission

-- Because treestand use is such a popular part of deer hunting season, the Pennsylvania Game Commission is offering hunters a free, voluntary online treestand safety course on its website.

To take the course, visit the agency's website at

"Treestand safety has evolved as new research and statistics become available," says Keith Snyder, Game Commission Hunter-Trapper Education Division chief.  "What were considered to be safe safety practices 10 years ago are simply not considered safe today. By reviewing this 15-minute interactive, narrated treestand safety course, a hunter will learn about the latest Treestand Manufacturers Association's safety standards and guidelines."

Snyder noted that in 2000, the Game Commission incorporated a specific treestand safety segment into its basic Hunter-Trapper Education course, which is required for all first-time license buyers regardless of age, as well as its voluntary Bowhunter education course.

"One of the key messages is the importance of a have and using a full-bodied fall restraint device or harness," Snyder said.  "According to the Treestand Manufacturers Association, 82 percent of treestand-related deaths were attributed to the fact that the hunter was not using a fall-restraint devise."

Other treestand safety messages include: 
. Avoid permanent stands; they weaken with age, damage trees and are eyesores. 
* Use stands certified by the Treestand Manufacturers Association (TMA). They are commercially designed and tested to meet high standards. 
* Read and follow manufacture's guidelines. Practice with stands before hunting. 
* Inspect all stands and climbing equipment before each use. 
* Select only suitable trees. Avoid dead trees or those with loose bark. 
* Use a fall-restraint device, preferably a full-body harness, any time your feet leave the ground. This includes climbing up and down the tree. Choose a harness that will keep you upright and will not restrict your breathing. 
* Make sure there is no slack in the fall-restraint tether when you are in a sitting position. 
* Maintain three points of contact - at least two feet and one hand, or two hands and one foot - with the climbing system, ladder or tree at all times while climbing.  And remember to use a fall restraint system, preferably a full-body harness, anytime your feet leave the ground.

* Use a haul line to pull up gear. If hunting with a firearm, make sure it is unloaded and the muzzle is covered! Never attach the line near the trigger or trigger guard. 
* Use 3 persons to set-up any ladder-type treestand. 
* In the event of a fall, be prepared to help yourself. Have someone contact authorities if you don't return at an established time.

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