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Pack Extra Bootlaces

Pack Extra Bootlaces

By Travis Bagley

One of the cheapest and handiest items you can put in your hunting pack is an extra package of bootlaces. In fact, I like to keep several packs.

They have limitless uses in the field, and you won't believe how many times you'll use them for things you never thought of before.

How many times have you wished for just a little bit of rope after you've climbed into your treestand? Bootlaces are perfect for hanging grunt tubes, quivers, backpacks, cell phones and other loose items on your stand so you can keep them within easy reach.

As you clip your bow or gun to your hoist-rope, bootlaces are great for attaching other light items to be hoisted along with them. Anything light, such as seat cushions or jackets, can be tied to the hoist-rope so you won't need to make two trips up and down the tree or have difficulty climbing.

I have also used bootlaces for tying tags to deer, tying legs together and helping secure a deer on an ATV.

Shoelaces are sometimes handy too, but bootlaces are of heavier construction and can hold more weight.

They come in compact wrappers and are best kept in a dry, plastic bag in your pack or in your ATV's gear compartment. You can even use them as a fire starter if needed!

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