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PA landowners can file for Deer Management Assistance through July 1

From the Pennsylvania Game Commission

-- Landowners looking to enroll in the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP), which is designed to help landowners manage deer on their properties, have until July 1 to submit an application to the a Game Commission Region Office.

A map delineating the property boundaries must be enclosed with the application. Landowners may obtain DMAP applications from the Game Commission’s website ( by clicking on D.M.A.P. in the Quick Clicks box in the right-hand column of the homepage.  Applications also can be obtained from any Game Commission Region Office or the Harrisburg headquarters.

Eligible lands for DMAP are public lands, private lands where no fee is charged for hunting, and hunting club lands owned in fee title as long as the club was established before Jan. 1, 2000, and they provide a club charter and list of current members to the agency.

Coupons for DMAP antlerless deer harvest permits are issued to landowners at a rate of one coupon for every five acres in agricultural operations or one coupon for every 50 acres for all other land uses.  Management plans are required only when an applicant for DMAP requests more than the standard rate for issuance of DMAP harvest permits.

Landowners must designate their boundaries in a manner approved by the Game Commission.  Landowners will be allotted one coupon for each DMAP permit allocated for their property, and they may provide up to two DMAP coupons per DMAP area to a licensed hunter.  Landowners may not charge or accept any remuneration for a DMAP coupon.  Hunters may possess up to two DMAP permits for a specific DMAP property in any given license year.

DMAP permit allotments will be made separate from the general antlerless deer license allocations, and will be $10 for residents and $35 for nonresidents.

A significant change this year for participating landowners and hunters is that DMAP coupon redemption will be done at any license issuing agent or over the Game Commission website rather than through the mail, thanks to the agency’s new point-of-sale electronic license system, the Pennsylvania Automated License System (PALS).  Landowners have the option of receiving DMAP coupons and directly distributing them to hunters of their choice, or they can choose the No Coupon option and allow any hunter to purchase a DMAP permit from the license issuing agent to hunt on their property.

The first option on the landowner application – Yes, I want to distribute coupons directly to hunters that I choose – is similar to previous years.  With this option, the landowner will receive the coupons and distribute them to specific hunters.  The hunters will then take coupons to any license issuing agent or the Game Commission website to acquire the antlerless deer harvest permits.

The second option on the landowner application – No, any hunter can get a permit to hunt my property through the electronic licensing system without a coupon – is new.  With this option, no coupons will be sent to the landowner.  Any hunter will be able to go to any license issuing agent or the Game Commission website to get an antlerless deer permit for this DMAP property.  If the landowner chooses this second option, they also will be asked whether they want to advertise the location of the property on the Game Commission’s website so that their DMAP information can be made available to the public.

Hunters can apply for DMAP antlerless harvest permits as soon as coupons are available.

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