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Opening Day

Dwight FreyouBy Dwight Freyou

-- It was opening day in 2006 on our deer lease in DeQuincy, Louisiana. There was a new 7-acre cut-over off to the right of my stand and a large three-acre acorn section to my right and back of me.

At 7:30 a.m. I noticed a deer coming straight at me through the cut-over. At first, I thought it was a doe because the deer was running with his nose to the ground, and I couldn't see his antlers. Since I’d never taken a buck before, I didn’t realize that a buck will have his head to the ground during the rut. I soon learned what Buck Fever really meant!

This buck ran straight at me and before it stopped 78 yards in front of me. It lifted its head with his magnificent 9-point This is a beautiful buck for South Louisiana by anyone's standards! He stopped just in front of a small row of  bushes that ran from the cut-over to the acorn patch. There was one small opening in this brush patch, and as the buck started moving toward the acorn patch behind the bushes I tried to time it just right to stop the buck when he passed the small opening in the bushes.

As luck would have it, I grunted a second before the buck arrived in the opening in the bushes and stopped without offering me a clear shot. The buck then took off again toward the acorn patch, and I stopped him again with another grunt just as he got into the trees. With one more additional grunt the buck turned and ran straight back to where he first stopped, but this time in the opening which provided a chance for a perfect shot that dropped him in his tracks.

Although this was my first buck, I tried to pretend that I was an experienced hunter. But, anyone with one good eye could easily tell I was shaking down to my boots. The buck had a 19-inch spread and was estimated at 170 to180 pounds.  My deer hunting experience just took on a brand new meaning!

Dwight Freyou
Ragley, Louisiana

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