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Opening Day Sister Act!

Opening Day Sister Act!

Missouri Youth Hunt brings success, pranks and memories

By Cassidy Beem
(Coti's big sister)

During Missouri's 2012 Fall Youth Season, my sister Coti and I attended with high hopes of getting lucky. I am 13 years old and she is 11.

On opening day, I sat with my uncle and my father accompanied Coti in a different stand. First, we all met up at a field an hour before daylight.

Soon, we set off to go to our separate spots; mine in an open CRP field and Coti's in the timber. 

Eventually, we made it to our treestands and sat all bundled up in our coveralls and camo, waiting for daylight. 

When my uncle and I got settled into our stand, he whispered, "Now remember, you're waiting for a really good buck to shoot since you've already taken four other deer." 

When daylight arrived, everything happened so fast!

Two does came out on the property behind us, but downwind. That got my hopes up that the deer were already moving. 

The does bedded down in some brush and we couldn't see them as well. 

Every hunter knows you have to be patient and wait for your time to come. Luckily, I didn't have to wait as long as I expected.

At 7:45, we spotted a buck walking behind a few trees about 60 yards away. I could tell it was good-sized, so I focused on getting my gun up and aiming at the right spot. 

When the buck decided to stop walking around, it was about 110 yards away. I took the opportunity and squeezed the trigger.

It ran about 25 yards and fell over!

My uncle laughed and said, "Cass, you just shot a 10-point buck!" 

We decided to play a joke on my dad and sister, so my uncle texted "lbd" (little buck down). They'd sure be surprised when they saw it wasn't little at all.

Dad replied, but didn't say anything about my deer. I think he was disappointed. Instead, he texted, "Well, the big eight we've watched all year is headed your way." 

That was exciting, but I was quite satisfied with my big 10-pointer!

Coti's Adventure

Here's my little sister's account from the same morning:

My dad and I got settled in our treestand and waited. Soon, we saw a doe and a huge 8-pointer run by, and in Cassidy's direction. 

I was disappointed that I couldn't get a shot, and about ten minutes later, we saw another buck coming into the little clearing, but it left, too.

We heard a shot and my uncle texted, "lbd" (little buck down) to my dad, who was sitting beside me.

Hunting Stories Wanted!Dad was a little disappointed that Cassidy hadn't waited for a bigger buck.

By that time, I was ready to go because she'd shot a deer and I hadn't gotten one yet. But Dad said, "No, there's still time for you to get one, too."

Soon, I saw a deer moving in some brush and Dad started calling to it.

It worked! A buck soon stepped into a little clearing and I now had a chance at making a clean shot, so I decided to shoot. 

I was nervous, but pulled the trigger. It dropped right there!

We got everything out of our treestand, and then went to look at my buck. I ran to it because I was so excited! 

From the stand, we thought it was an 8-pointer, but when we got down, we counted tines and found out it was actually a 9-pointer. I was so happy! 

Then, Dad texted my uncle for us all to meet up.

When we saw each other, we were all very excited! 

My dad and I were surprised at how big Cassidy's deer was.

Then, everyone loaded up in the truck and went to get my deer.

Cassidy and our uncle thought my deer was great, too.

When our dad and uncle saw both deer together, they jumped up and down, and so did my sister and I. It was such a fun morning!

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