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One Memorable Vacation

Donna BonieckiBy Donna Boniecki
I never thought I could bring myself to head to the deer woods with my husband and son. The guys are always glued to their seats when a hunting show is on our television. They constantly talked about their hunts, but I just could not get into their conversations.

Eventually, the pair talked me into going with them so I could see for myself what the hype is all about. Our trip was booked for November 2006 with Trophy Bow Hunters located in Fulton County, Ill.

The first morning was absolutely beautiful. My husband was set up in a treestand by himself, and my son and I went to another stand because, at that time, I was afraid to walk alone in the woods. Because I am a mom of a teenager, we never talk as much as we used to and I figured that this hunt would be a terrific opportunity for us to catch up. Boy, was I wrong. He told me to be quiet because I would spook the deer.

So I began to look at the beautiful scenery all around us. My peaceful moment was soon interrupted when my son, who was in the treestand directly above me, kicked dirt down on me to get my attention. I looked up to see him point to a buck that was headed our way.

My heart started pounding and doubt crept into my mind. For a brief second I thought I could not pull the trigger on this buck. Then this Illinois beauty stopped, looked at me and presented a perfect shot. I pulled the trigger but missed. My son attempted a shot and also missed. We looked at each other in disbelief. By now, my son figured the deer would be too wary to come out, so we were able to talk and catch up.

The last day of our hunt arrived and we were walking toward the truck to call it quits. Out of nowhere a huge buck appeared. My son grabbed his gun and headed toward the buck. As I stood by the truck and watched him take a shot at the buck, another buck walked up on me. My mind raced as it looked at me. I was in shock and forgot that my safety was on.

By the time I figured out why the gun was not working, the deer was too far away for me to shoot. I missed out on another Illinois buck. Even though I did not take a deer on the trip, it was nice to be with the two men I dearly love.

The following season my husband and I booked another trip with Trophy Bow Hunters. This time I harvested a 6-point buck. I have learned a lot about deer hunting the passed two years and cannot wait for the 2008 season to start.
Donna Boniecki
Streamwood, Illinois

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