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One For The (Story) Book

MooreBy Danny Moore

-- Like most hunters I have a story. The thing about this story is that my best friend and hunting partner had to be shown proof before he totally believed the story.

A couple of years ago, my hunting partner and I had taken a Friday off from work so we could have a long weekend to hunt. About noon on Thursday my buddy called and said something had come up, and he would not be able to hunt until the afternoon on Friday. I decided to hunt the morning by myself since the property we hunt was only 20 minutes from my house and then meet him for the afternoon hunt.

The morning started out as usual. I was standing by my truck, putting my snake boots on, but I felt like I was not alone. I looked up through the front windshield of my truck and saw a silhouette above the hood of my truck. This startled me, but after looking closer, I could see it was a deer. To be more precise it was a buck. It was at least an hour before legal shooting time, so I decided to try and spook the deer back toward my stand which was several hundred yards down the road.

At first I stood on the running board, but this did not seem to bother the buck. So I turned on the headlights, and the deer just stood there. The buck started to walk really close to the front of my truck and stopped right in front of me, so I had a really good look at its horns.

The buck was a mainframe 7-pointer with a kicker off the right base -- a decent deer for our area. I then shooed the deer, and it walked down the road and into the woods toward my stand. I went back to putting on the rest of my gear. I heard something and looked up only to find the deer standing directly in front of the truck. Once again I stood up on the running board, kept the door between me and the deer, and began to yell. The buck looked at me like I was crazy, so I yelled and hit the roof while it tried to hook my front bumper and hood. Finally, the buck ran off.

Eventually, I made it to my stand without seeing any other deer activity. I returned home around 10 a.m., called my friend and told him the story. He was at his office, and once I started the story, he wanted it repeated on the intercom so that a couple of our other hunting friends could hear the tale. One of these guys wanted to know if I had fallen out of my stand or had been drinking, to which I assured him neither was the case.
My friend met me at the house at 1 p.m., and I showed him the marks and hair on my bumper and hood. We then took his truck back to the scene so that I could show him the marks in the road the deer made when it left. While we were inspecting the area, I looked up, and you guessed it -- the deer was standing in the middle of the road about 60 yards away looking at us.

My friend asked whose gun was on top, and I said mine. He said go get it and take the shot. I eased up to the truck, opened the back door then my case and tried to freehand the shot, but was shaking too much, so I decided to move up and use the mirror as a rest. I shot the deer. My friend comes up to me and says this was fun. I don't even get to put on my boots before I get to help clean a deer. He walked down and realized that not only was my story true, but this was the same deer I had described to him that morning.

The deer now hangs on my wall, not because he is one of my biggest but because of the story that goes along with the mount.

Danny Moore
Yulee, Florida

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