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One for Big Bin

James HuntBy James Hunt
-- The hunt for this buck started 5 years ago. I was scouting an alfalfa field I wanted to hunt during muzzleloader season. When the deer started moving into the field there were a few little bucks and several does. About 20 minutes before dark, five bucks walked into the field; three of them were absolute giants. One particular buck caught my eye. It was a 10-pointer that seemed to dwarf the rest of the bunch. That was the last time I saw the buck for three years.

The story doesn't end there. Two years later, my uncle, who we all called Big Bin, had two different encounters with the buck. One morning the deer crossed the road in front of my uncle and stood just long enough for Big Bin to get a good look at this buck. By now, the buck had 10 points and two stickers. A few days later, my uncle had the buck at 60 yards away but decided to pass so that my cousin or I could get a chance at this great buck. We never saw the buck the rest of that season nor the following one.

While scouting during September 2007, I saw the buck in the same alfalfa field where this story began. Since it was several years later, the buck looked old but still sported a very nice 10-point rack. The second Friday of bow season I thought I would finally get to shoot the "Legend" as we had named the buck. I had it in my sights at 30 yards away. I took the shot only to have the cam hit the hay bale that I was hunting behind. The arrow sailed over the buck's back.

My uncle passed away unexpectedly in October, and I really did not want to sit in the woods. Near the end of rifle season, I decided to sit in one of the fields where my uncle loved to hunt. I was enjoying a beautiful morning and reflecting on my memories when a grunt interrupted my day dream.

As I raised my head, a doe trotted into the field, followed by the buck! When I raised my rifle, I accidentally fogged my scope. I quickly wiped it clean just as the buck stopped and looked directly at me. I squeezed the trigger, and the great buck fell.

The buck had 12 scorable points and was aged at 7 1/2 years old. I truly believe that my uncle, Big Bin, was sitting beside me on that hunt, and we both got to take this trophy together.

James Hunt
Kingfisher, Oklahoma

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