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Old Timer's Bag o' Tricks

Old Timer's Bag o' Tricks

By Richard Brubaker

If you are like me, you enjoy saving and eating the heart and liver from your deer.

The problem is getting these tasty parts out of the woods without losing them or making a mess.

Sure, you can put them in a plastic bag or game pouch, but then you have to transport the bloody pouch in your hands, pocket or backpack while you drag.

Here's an old timer's trick that I use:

After field dressing your deer, place the heart and liver in a plastic bag, then reach up inside the deer's chest cavity and use your knife to slice a hole between two ribs. Pull the bag through the hole and tie off the bag. Now it's not going anywhere!

The heart and liver will ride in the chest cavity as you drag your deer out of the woods or transport it on your ATV.

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