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Old Socks = Traveler's Sandbags

Old Socks = Traveler's Sandbags

By Tim H. Martin

There's an old shooter's adage that still holds a lot of truth today: "You are only as good as your rest."

Today, most shooting houses and ladder-type treestands are equipped with shooting rails. Many hunters have discovered that placing a sandbag on the rail provides a rock-steady, nearly hands-free rest.

But heavy sandbags aren't practical to travel with, especially when flying, and they might not be provided when you arrive at your hunting destination.

If you are paying for a once-in-a-lifetime hunting trip, you definitely want to make good on any shot opportunities.

Check Out Our Video TipsHere's a simple, yet highly effective tip that can make the difference between a solid shot or a worrisome potshot: Store an old pair of socks in your luggage. When you arrive and it's time to go to your stand, simply put one sock inside the other, fill with dirt or sand, twist and tie shut. Now you're good to go!