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OHV decal renewal notice program now underway in Arizona

From the  Arizona Game and Fish Department

-- A new Off Highway Vehicle decal renewal program is now in place in Arizona, a cooperative venture between the Department of Game and Fish and the Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division.

Renewals of the OHV Decal can be done at any MVD office, any MVD third party service provider or online at

The benefit to registration is that with the OHV Decal, there is a free registration and a reduced vehicle license tax of less than $6.

Owners of street legal vehicles should always renew the OHV Decal first to assure receiving the registration discount.

As of Jan 1, 2009, all vehicles made by the manufacturer for use over unimproved terrain and weigh 1800 pounds or less are required by law to display the $25 OHV Decal. As of July 1, 2009, all vehicles in Arizona larger than 49 cc are required to be titled.

Arizona allows for OHVs to be registered or street legal. If those vehicles meet the two requirements of made for use over unimproved terrain and weigh 1800 pounds or less they are also required to obtain the OHV Decal.

Dollars from the OHV Decal program are being used to increase awareness of safe, ethical and responsible OHV use in Arizona, creating new educational programs like the online OHV class offered on the Game and Fish website, and to put 7 new OHV law enforcement specialists in the field. Four officers are already patrolling and three more will complete academy training in late 2011 and be in the field in January 2012.

More information about the OHV Decal program, places to ride or OHV safety is available online at

The OHV Decal should not be confused with registration; renewals for both the OHV Decal and registration will most likely happen at different times.