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Ohio opens additional weekend for deer gun season

From Ohio Department of Natural Resources

-- Ohio’s deer-gun season returns Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 15 and 16.

Hunters can use a legal shotgun, muzzleloader or handgun to pursue white-tailed deer Dec. 15-16 from a half-hour before sunrise to sunset. The extra weekend days were added in 2006 in response to hunters’ requests for extended weekend hunting hours.

Ohio hunters and birdwatchers are reminded to be aware of one another as they pursue deer and birds on the shared weekend. Hunters need to remember that there may be others — both hunters and non-hunters — in the woods. Birders are also reminded that hunters are allowed to hunt on private land where they have written permission.

Deer hunters are required to wear a hunter orange vest, coat, jacket or coveralls in the field. Birders should consider wearing a hunter orange vest or hat during the deer-gun weekend for their own safety.

Hunters may take only one antlered deer, regardless of zone, hunting method or season. A deer permit is required in addition to a valid Ohio hunting license. Hunters must purchase an additional permit to hunt more than one deer.

Hunters harvested 86,964 deer during the traditional deer-gun season, Nov. 26 to Dec. 2.