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Ohio hunters asked to help spot Asian longhorned beetle

From Ohio Department of Natural Resources

-- Ohio hunters are being asked to watch for trees displaying signs and symptoms of the state's newest, non-native invasive insect, the Asian longhorned beetle.

Hunters pursuing game in Ohio's woodlots, especially in southwestern Ohio, are encouraged to report sightings of any suspicious tree damage or beetles. While the Asian longhorned beetle (ALB) has only been found in Clermont County in Tate Township and parts of Monroe Township, hunters should be alert for this pest in trees across the state.

Trees affected by the ALB include all species of maple, birch, horse chestnut, poplar, willow, elm, ash, mimosa, mountain ash, London plane and Ohio buckeye.

Hunters can report suspicious tree damage or suspected ALBs by calling toll free at (855) 252-6450 or going online to

Hunters should look for trees displaying large, round exit holes with smooth edges, often oozing sap, as a strong indication of ALB activity. Frequently, piles of frass (insect waste and sawdust) are found at the base of infested trees and in branch crotches.

Leaves of infested trees may also exhibit unseasonable yellowing or drooping.

Hunters are encouraged to buy firewood near their destination and use it there. Invasive species in firewood hitchhike to new wooded areas and cause infestations, impacting land used for hunting.  Several quarantines in Ohio restrict movement of firewood.

The ALB currently has caused tens of thousands of hardwood trees to be destroyed in Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York. The beetle has no known natural predators and poses a threat to Ohio's hardwood forests, more than $2.5 billion in standing maple timber, and the state's $5 billion nursery industry, which employs nearly 240,000 people.

For more information about the Asian longhorned beetle visit

For more information, contact: Kathy Smith, OSU Extension, telephone (614)688-3136 or Drew Todd, Division of Forestry, at (614)265- 6707.

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