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Oh, Kentucky!

Chad Pharis

Handlebars make bowhunter's day

By Chad Pharis

I've been hunting deer since I was a teenager, chasing both bucks and does, and I always dreamed someday I'd take a really big buck.

I am 35-years-old and as of November 4, I can now officially say I've taken a huge buck - maybe even a record book animal!

Before the season began, I had set out trail cameras and captured photos of a double-droptine buck. I told myself, that's the one! That's the one I'm going go after this year!

On the morning I took my buck, I had seen several deer. They were too far away to take a shot with my bow, so I decided to try a different spot later in the day.

Chad PharisThat afternoon as I climbed a tree in my climber, I got about halfway up when I spotted a small buck. I wasn't sure if I should freeze and wait for it to go past or finish climbing the tree.

Unfortunately, there was no time to continue climbing because within a few seconds, another buck came wandering in, directly behind the smaller one.

At first I couldn't tell how many points it had, or if it was the buck from the trail cam photos, but I could tell it was a monster.

I stood, drew my bow, placed my pin on the vital area and let my arrow go. My aim was a little off, and things happened incredibly fast, but I was sure I got the buck, which I did!

Maybe it was pure luck, but I honestly believe scouting, using a trail cam and hard work pays off. It sure made my day here in Kentucky!

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