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Offensive Odor Oversight

Offensive Odor Oversight

By Daniel J. Preston

When preparing for a big hunt, most hunters work hard and spend a lot of money trying to stay scent-free.

We wash our clothes in special detergents, use hunting shampoos, dress in the latest carbon fiber clothing and spray ourselves down with odor eliminating solutions. But are we overlooking one thing?

How about our own breath?

Many of us neglect to think of our breath as a major concern, but in my opinion, it's truly a potential source of some big odor.

I like to brush my teeth with baking soda before I head to the woods, and I even take a small bottle of soda/water solution to my stand to swish my mouth out from time to time.

You can spit the soda water out and onto the ground and it won't alarm the deer a bit. Soda absorbs order, but produces none.

As a general rule of hygiene, occasionally brushing your teeth, gums and tongue with a baking soda/hydrogen peroxide paste is also a great way to keep bacteria and fungus down.

Just put about a tablespoon of soda and peroxide in your palm and use a toothbrush to mix it into a paste, then brush away.

Not only will you whiten your teeth and prevent gum disease, but your friends, loved ones and the deer might come a little closer!

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