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Off Season Hunting Tips

Off Season Hunting Tips

By Russ Whalen

Just because the season ends doesn’t mean you have to give up hunting. Well, with a weapon anyway.

For many reasons, I like to try to spend as much time as possible in my hunting stand during the off season.

There is less hunting pressure then, so deer will be less skittish, and you can observe them acting more like themselves when the guns aren’t booming all the time.

I like to learn what they are eating, when their habits of moving occur and even observe details, like listening to the sounds they make and how they interact with each other.

You can learn a lot during the off season, and taking to the deer stand will keep you in a year round hunting frame of mind.

I must admit, the biggest reason I like sitting in my stand during the off season is because deer are simply fascinating and fun to watch.

Editor’s note: I completely agree with Russ, and personally love to observe deer from a treestand during the hot weather months, too. But if you decide to do this, consider your gear needs will be much different than winter.

You’ll still need to stay scent-free as possible, but make sure to pack good optics, a video camera, lots of water and, above all, a ThermaCELL device to keep the no-see-ums and mosquitoes from making your sit unbearable. And before climbing into your stand, be very mindful of wasp nests! (Don’t ask me how I know this).  --Buckmasters Online Editor/Tim H. Martin

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