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Observing the Habits of Others

Observing the Habits of OthersIn northern Minnesota there are vast areas of boreal forests, but many of the productive areas are often on the fringes of these big woods. Our deer adapt well to transition areas (agriculture to woods) and these areas have an abundant number of hunters. It is important to pattern deer, but it may be more important to pattern hunters.

Get to know the habits of the hunting parties in your area, they usually don’t change much from year to year. If the party to the north of your location walks in a logging road in the early morning, you should know where the escape route is for any deer in that vicinity and position yourself to take advantage of their “drive”. If the hunters on the other side of the big swamp always meet for lunch at 12:00 noon, be in your stand at that time...deer will be moving!

Deer patterns change with hunting pressure, hunter patterns seem to remain pretty dependable, so use them to your advantage to tag a nice buck this fall!

-- Chuck Holden / Lifetime MN Deer Hunter Association Member and lifelong deer hunter

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