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O Tannenbaum Grindings

O Tannenbaum Grindings

By Dann Degen

This year I received a Buckmasters Tip of the Week about using pine needles as a cover scent. This reminded me of an inexpensive tactic I've used for a couple of seasons now.

Each year after Christmas, our Homeowners Association allows my neighbors to bring their Christmas trees to a drop-off point for easy disposal.

Over a three-week period, a tree trimming company stops by to grind the Christmas trees. They make piles of the excess wood chips for residents to pick up and use as ground cover around their houses.

Certain grocery stores in my area offer a reusable grocery bag made of a porous, breathable fabric. I like to take a couple of these grocery bags and fill them with the wood chips. 

I place these bags in the closet and inside sealable tubs where I store my hunting clothes and allow the evergreen scent to permeate my gear. Even if I wasn't a hunter, the aroma is awesome! 

I occasionally dump out the chips, mix them up a bit and place them back in the bag to reactivate the evergreen odor. This works quite well until the next Christmas when I can replace the bag with fresh chips.

If you can't wait until Christmas, or do not have access to a wood chipper, contact a local tree trimmer and ask where you can pick up fresh pine or evergreen grindings.

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