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NY 2009-10 Sporting Licenses sales begin Aug. 17

From the New York Department of Environmental Conservation

-- New York 2009-10 hunting, fishing, and trapping licenses and Deer Management Permits (DMPs) go on sale beginning Aug. 17 and may be purchased at one of DEC's 1,500 license sales outlets statewide.

Sporting licenses can also be ordered by mail or by telephone and via the internet at (look for the “Purchase a Sporting License” link on the home page).  All sporting licenses are valid beginning Oct. 1, 2009, through Sept. 30, 2010.  
Hunters, anglers, and trappers are reminded that earlier this year the New York State Legislature approved a license fee increase package. The new fees will be in effect for purchase of all 2009-10 licenses.  

Prices for state residents range from as little as $5 for a Junior Hunting license or a one-day fishing license to $96 for a Conservation Legacy license that allows a full range of hunting and fishing privileges—and includes specialty items such as a subscription to The Conservationist magazine and a Habitat/Access Stamp. The fees for all sporting licenses for the 2009-10 season are posted on DEC’s website at  and information on the changes to the license fees and license structure is available at .

The Department of Environmental Conservation Automated Licensing System (DECALS) is New York State's program for issuing sporting licenses and tracking license sales and revenues.  DECALS may also be used for donations to the Habitat Access Stamp Program, Venison Donation Coalition, Conservation Fund, and the Trail Maintenance Program. For questions regarding license purchases, call the DECALS call center at (866) 933-2257  from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday Aug. 17 to Oct. 1. Regular weekday hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. resume on Oct. 2.
License buyers should have the following items ready when applying: complete name and address information, customer ID number, proof of residency information (driver's license number or non-driver's ID number to qualify for a resident license), and, if purchasing by phone or internet, credit card and card expiration date. Hunting license purchases require individuals to provide proof of hunting education certification or a copy of a previous license, or this information must already be contained in their DECALS file.

Sales of all sporting licenses are deposited into the Conservation Fund which is used for the management of New York’s fish and wildlife populations and for protection and management of wildlife habitat.

Deer Management Permits
DEC issues Deer Management Permits (DMPs), often called doe tags, to move the population closer toward objective levels in each wildlife management unit (a map of WMU boundaries across the state can be found at The target DMP allocation for 2009 varies by unit depending on the management objective, but outside of the Adirondacks and Tug Hill, only WMUs 3A, 4K, 4L, and 4U will be closed for DMPs in 2009.  Applicants are reminded that DMPs are only valid for antlerless deer in the WMU specified on the permit.  

DMPs will be available at all license issuing outlets and by phone, internet or mail, from Aug. 17 through close of business Oct. 1.  DMPs are issued through a random selection process at the point of sale, and customers who are selected for DMPs will receive their permits immediately. The probabilities for DMP selection in each WMU are determined by the number of applications expected for each WMU and the number of DMPs the DEC must issue to manage the deer herd.

An applicant's chances of selection are also affected by the customer's residency, number of preference points, land ownership, or disabled veteran's status. Chances of selection in each WMU are listed in this year's Hunting and Trapping Guide, available at License Issuing Agent locations, and at Chances of getting a DMP remain the same throughout the application period (Aug. 17 through Oct. 1), so hunters do not need to rush to apply for a DMP on the first day of sale.
If a significant number of DMPs are still available in a WMU after Oct. 1, remaining DMP sales will commence on Nov. 1 and will continue on a first-come/first-serve basis until the end of the hunting season or until all DMPs have been issued in the WMU.  Additionally, bonus DMPs will be available in the bowhunting-only WMUs 3S, 4J, and 8C and in Suffolk County (WMU 1C).  For information about bonus DMPs, go to

Hunters and trappers are reminded that some WMU boundaries have changed.  It is very important that hunters and trappers review the new WMU boundaries to apply for a DMP in the correct unit.  The boundary changes also affect some season dates, bag limits, and open areas for big and small game, turkey, waterfowl, and furbearers.  Go to  for boundary descriptions and for description of the boundary changes.

Junior Licenses
Launched last year, the junior hunter and trapper mentoring programs allow 14- and 15-year-olds to hunt big game with a firearm while accompanied and supervised by an experienced adult hunter, and also allow youths less than 12 years of age to accompany and assist a licensed trapper who is at least 18 years old and has at least three years’ trapping experience. More than 15,000 youths participated in the programs in its initial year. More details about these opportunities are available in this year's Hunting and Trapping Laws and Regulations Guide and at

Contribute Via Habitat Stamps, Venison Donation Program
Hunters may also consider purchasing a Habitat/Access Stamp, an optional stamp that helps support the DEC's efforts to conserve habitat and increase public access for fish and wildlife-related recreation. This year's stamp features a drawing of a pair of playful red fox. Buying a $5 stamp is a way to help conserve New York's fabulous wildlife heritage.

Additionally, anyone – not just hunters and anglers – can help feed the hungry by contributing to the Venison Donation Program at all license issuing outlets. Individuals should inform the license sales agent that they want to make a donation of $1 or more to support the program. For more information about the Venison Donation Coalition, go to

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