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Number Your Arrows

No matter if you’re a beginning archer or an old pro, this tip will help when it comes to making your shot count when you head to the woods this fall.

Tip of the Week

Today’s arrows are better than ever, and the manufacturers do a great job of holding to tight standards for straightness and weight. It doesn’t take much to make one arrow fly differently from another, however.

Even if a batch of arrows comes off the line perfectly matched, there are any number of variables that can change weight and balance — things like how much glue is used from one arrow to the next, small differences in insert or nock weight, you name it.

For whatever reason, some arrows will fly a little differently than others.

Numbering your arrows is a great way to help identify which of your arrows group the best. It will also you help spot a problem arrow, should a carbon shaft have broken fibers or an aluminum shaft have a slight bend.

Watch for an arrow that seems to always be just a bit off or outside of your groupings. You might think its human error, and it very well could be. By numbering your arrows, you might see a pattern, however.

While the problem could be something as small as a few grains of weight difference, that could be all it takes to miss a shot at the biggest buck you’ve ever seen.

By numbering your arrows, you can spot a problem arrow, replace or re-fletch it, and shoot with complete confidence that you’re using the most accurate arrows you have.

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