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Not-So-Secret Weapon for GIANTS

Not-So-Secret Weapon for GIANTS

By Jeremy Blalack & Tim H. Martin

Invest in trail cameras. The initial cost will be worth it, and besides, it’s fun! — Jeremy Blalack

Editor’s Note by Buckmasters Tip Editor Tim H. Martin

When I first read the tip sent in by Jeremy, I chuckled a little because it seemed so simplistic. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized his point is valid, and this is the perfect opportunity to share an important observation made by Rack Magazine Editor Mike Handley and myself, since I also serve as Rack’s Art Director.

Mike and I have literally read thousands of hunting stories since Rack was first published in 1999. And when we read a story, we are always curious as to what piece of gear helped the hunter take his or her giant buck.

Because Rack features only the best-of-the-best trophy bucks in the world with the hunter’s version of the story, and since Mike and I read stories on a daily basis, we take notice of the trends.

Mike first pointed out to me that he’d noticed one particular item surfacing as the greatest contributor — by a country mile — to ambushing world-class bucks. I, too, had noticed this trend. And if you haven’t guessed it already, it’s the use of trail cameras. They really do work.

Take notice the next time you read a hunting article, whether it’s Rack, Buckmasters, GunHunter, or any hunting publication. Jeremy’s advice won’t seem so simple when you begin to realize the number of times a trail cam was used by a hunter who’s smiling and kneeling behind a set of record book antlers.

Trail cams are no secret, but I don’t believe hunters know just how powerful a tool they’ve been for honing in on the truly giant bucks.

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