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Not a City Slicker Any More!

MorrisBy Michele Morris
-- My husband always encouraged me to go hunting with him. He said I would enjoy it, but, being a true city girl from Virginia Beach, I always passed up the opportunity. However, due to a much needed break from my three kids, the time came to give it a shot. Hopefully, I would enjoy some peace and quiet in the outdoors.
After purchasing my hunting licenses, I headed out to the deer woods carrying my 11-year-old's 20-gauge shotgun. The first week I still-hunted and took part in some deer drives. I didn't see a single deer. It seemed to be extremely boring for a sport that everyone is always so excited about.
One sunny, but cool, December afternoon, five of us went out to my back yard. One of the guys volunteered to make the drive and the rest of us took stands. After the drive began, I heard a shot and then something running through the woods like I never heard before. I stood up and turned around. Looking straight in my direction were two deer standing behind some tree branches. So, I took careful aim and fired. The excitement was almost more than I could stand.
Both deer ran off.
One of the deer went straight away, and the other animal went back the way it came from. I thought the doe that went back where it came from went to hide in the broom straw so I wouldn't see it. That goes to show how little I knew about deer hunting at the time. It was my thought that the one that ran straight away might have been hit.
A short while later, our friend who was making the drive walked up. When I told him my story about the scared deer hiding in the broom straw, he told me to get ready. He walked to where I had last seen the deer, and I heard him holler, "You got him!" I thought the two deer that I had seen were does. Taking a buck was even more exciting!
Well, I was so overwhelmed that I forgot to make sure the afternoon hunt was over before I screamed at the top of my lungs to let my husband know that I had taken a deer.  Thank God we were all friends. They knew that I might do something crazy if I took a deer that day.
My husband confessed that he expected to see a little basket-rack buck on the ground. But he said, "When I came up the hill, all I could see were antlers." It was a monster 8-point buck. He was so proud of me.
We entered my trophy in the 2004 Virginia Deer Classic held at the Showplace in Mechanicsville, Va. The buck took first-place in the Women's 7- and 8-point class with a score of 134 1/6 for which I was presented a citation. It was kind of funny when I walked up to get my citation because I am truly a city girl that looks high maintenance. All of the other hunters in the room where making comments that this couldn't be my deer because they thought I looked like a city girl. They were all dead wrong. This is my trophy.
Michele Morris
Ashland, Virginia

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