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North Carolina notes fishing, hunting, trapping rule changes

From the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

-- Beginning this year, the North Carolina inland fishing, hunting and trapping regulations digest, as well as season dates, will be effective Aug. 1 to July 31, instead of July 1 to June 30. The 2009-10 regulations and season dates will remain in effect until July 31.

The 2010-2011 N.C. Inland Fishing, Hunting and Trapping Regulations Digests will be available Aug. 1. These changes are the result of the agency’s adoption of a new rulemaking cycle schedule.  Click here to read more about them.

For more information, click here to see the New Rulemaking Cycle FAQ.

Legislative Update

The N.C. Rules Review Commission sent the rules for review due to written opposition. By law, legislators have 30 days from the start of the legislative session to propose a bill disapproving a rule. If no bill is proposed, the rule automatically goes into effect. If a bill is introduced, the rule becomes effective on the earlier of either the day an unfavorable final action is taken on the bill or the day that session adjourns without ratifying the bill to disapprove the rule.

Bills to disapprove rules passed by the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission have been introduced and referred either to the Rules, Calendar and Operation of the House committee or to the Rules and Operation of the Senate committee. These bills must receive favorable votes from both the House and Senate chambers of the General Assembly before they become law. If they do not pass both chambers by the end of this legislative session, the Commission’s rules will go into effect.

Bills introduced disapproving the Commission's rules include:

HB 1857 = SB 1173 Crossbow Use/Disapprove Rule  
HB 1858 = SB 1144 Disapprove Deer Season Rule Change
HB 1930 Disapprove Rule Change/Sunday Hunting
HB 1918 Disapprove Rule Change/Sale of Live Foxes

The N.C. General Assembly's website is a great tool for tracking legislation.  For more information on how to track legislation, go to the General Assembly's tracking page at

As the process moves forward, we will continue to keep you informed. Meanwhile, for more information on the delayed rules, see the Delayed Regulations Fact Sheet. For information on the rulemaking process, download “From Proposal to Regulation” at