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Nocturnal Bucks

Back To "Ask The Biologist?"QUESTION: Bob, there are two nice bucks on my property that only move into my area at night. That's the only time I capture them on my trail camera, never in daylight. What are some tactics I can use to get them accustomed to daylight activity in the upcoming deer season? - Paul B.

Nocturnal BucksANSWER: You could simply be patient and hope things change. Deer, especially bucks, tend to be much more nocturnal in the summer. 

As summer turns to fall they naturally increase their daytime movement for two reasons.

First, their internal clock is telling them it's time to start fattening up for winter, so they'll be out feeding more. 

Second, when the rut hits they'll move more in search of members of the opposite sex.

Providing more of each (food and does) will increase the odds of those bucks visiting your area during daylight. 

And to a certain extent, you can accomplish that merely by providing more food.  It should bring in the bucks, but if it doesn't, it will attract does, which will ultimately attract bucks.

You can also provide more dense bedding cover and create sanctuaries where nobody ever goes to draw more bucks into your area. 

Get your treestands set up and cut shooting lanes early, then try to minimize your disturbance of the area as much as possible, particularly as hunting season draws nearer.

So, patience, less disturbance and more food should help to increase diurnal activity.

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