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No. 1 Tip for No. 2

No. 1 Tip for No. 2

By Joseph Bellapianta

Although we don't often see the subject of going to the bathroom in the woods as a topic for hunting magazines, TV shows or websites, it's still an issue every hunter must face from time to time.

After our baby was born, I learned there is something better than toilet paper of paper towels to use in the woods when it's time to face the dreaded number two: baby wipes.

Baby wipes take less room than rolls of toilet paper or paper towels, and they are easily tucked away in your backpack or in the liner of your vest pocket.

I like to take a one-inch stack of them, seal them in a ziplock sandwich bag and keep them with me for those just-in-case moments.

I think you'll find they are more effective than toilet paper and take up far less space.

Baby wipes also serve well for one of the favorite old tips for Buckmasters' video crew, writers and editors, which is to clean blood off of deer for photos. They work like magic!

I hope you find this tip useful, and I believe you'll thank me when the time comes to try it.

And if you've ever been caught having to go in the woods without toilet paper handy, you'll know what I mean when I say this tip might even save you a pair of underwear!

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