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By Mike Handley

Casey OrrCasey Orr didn’t look for a blood trail because his deer fought off gravity for only 30 yards. Had he searched, however, he might’ve found two of them – one leading to the outlandishly palmated whitetail, the other back to the homemade ground blind where the 24-year-old had been sitting for an hour and a half.

Casey doesn’t remember being smacked in the brow by his .444 Marlin’s scope, probably because the buck of his dreams had strolled within 20 yards of his hiding place along the Choctaw County, Miss., power line. But when he saw that he’d actually shot the “freak” over which he’d obsessed since 2009, he was punch-drunk.

“I can't explain the feeling of joy that overcame me,” said the assistant baseball coach for Starkville Academy. “I ran right up to the deer and just started dancing and yelling. Had anyone seen me, they would’ve thought I was crazy!”

It had been a long 17 months since Casey first laid eyes on the buck in August 2009, when he’d driven to the family farm to watch for deer crossing a power line that cut through a pine plantation. Understandably, after seeing that gnarly rack, the hunter from Ackerman, Miss., considered it Priority One.

But almost a year passed before he saw it in the flesh again, also during the summer. He and a fishing buddy jumped it en route to a pond.

Not counting trail cam photographs, the third time he saw the distinctive buck was on Dec. 14, 2010, when the animal waltzed within spitting distance of his blind.

With an official BTR score of 210, Casey’s 20-pointer is No. 4 among Mississippi’s rifle-taken Irregulars. A narrow 15 6/8-inch inside spread gives it a composite score of 225 6/8 – the largest felled in the Magnolia State last season.

The complete story behind this amazing whitetail will appear this fall in Rack magazine.

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# Spencer
Tuesday, August 16, 2011 9:23 AM
Great Buck... by the way, Casey looks like Beaver Cleaver... nice buck Beav...
David Kimbrough
# David Kimbrough
Tuesday, August 16, 2011 8:36 PM
D@mn son,I know the feeling of a scope cut(hurts like he11),but for a FREAKNASTY BEAST like that,I believe it would be WELL worth it! But in all honesty,you should really let those " LITTLE"deer walk,atleast 'till they grow up!!!
For all it's worth,CONGRADULATIONS on a truly 'AWESOME' mature Mississippi Monster. He will be a hard deer to top. I personally want to say this to you.... You are a very blessed hunter,and you should thank the Good Lord for allowing one of his creations to grow into such a "Magnificant" representative of the species. I,as a fellow SOUTHERN hunter,along with hunters across this nation, I'm sure,are envyous and proud for you to harvest your world class animal.
Keep your knees on the ground,heart in the game and soul in the Lord. Congrats and God bless you.......even more... David K. East Al. Whitetail Hunter.
Jack Baker
Wednesday, August 17, 2011 7:54 AM

Congratulations great buck and story, now you have a great opportunity to promote hunting cause you are the boss, the go to guy for big bucks, the one everyone has just one question for.... Congrats :>)

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