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Iconic hunting symbol evolves into mark with attitude

By Tim H. Martin

The Buckmasters logo has come a long way since its first use 26 years ago. In fact, try not to laugh at our first membership cap with the logo deer that looked more like a goat than a buck. But, hey, that was 1987.

Our recently unveiled logo upgrade is something we take great pride in.

It's clean, cool, and contemporary and portrays a buck with swag. It accomplishes these things without departing too far from the buck we've all come to know and love.

In case you didn't know, the logo buck is modeled after Jackie Bushman's first record book buck. Jackie shot the split-brow bruiser while hunting with Russell Thornberry in Alberta during the late 1980s. You've seen the buck's head on our membership decals and caps for more than 20 years.

There was a time it seemed as if every pickup truck window and gun case had one of these decals. But, times change and that logo has become outdated. If you have an old member decal, hang on to it. Like the BASS sticker, that Buckmasters sticker has become part of country pop culture and hunting Americana.

We recognized the time for a change has arrived, so here's a little history on how this logo upgrade came about.

In 2009, we designed a special-use-only Buckmasters Nation logo for younger generation hunters to enjoy. It featured a neat, drop-tined rack and became extremely popular in a short time. But the "Buckmasters" was hard to read when used in small print, and the antlers were hard to see at a distance. We needed something better.

That need coincided with a desire to raise the quality our official Buckmasters logo, walk in step with the times and offer our fans something new. So in 2013, we upgraded our official logo by combining the best of two worlds: Jackie's original logo buck and the contemporary Buckmasters Nation Logo. Now we have one corporate image.

What we've achieved is a logo that will remain strong and be something you'll proudly display on your bumper. We believe Buckmasters' designer Ryan Noffsinger has hit the nail on the head with this new design.

Ryan spent many hours of overtime, talked to a lot of people, and sat through a lot of long meetings and critiques to get it just right. It wasn't easy, but I think you'll agree he did a fantastic job.

This upgraded mark connects our goals of making Buckmasters' corporate image more suitable for printing on different backgrounds, giving the buck more attitude, and placing our image at the front of cutting-edge hunting industry designs.

Say hello to your new Buckmasters logo. We can't wait to see it embroidered on caps and shirts, on the TV show and, especially, on your truck windows!

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