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Never Say Never & Never Give Up!

Ariel SheadBy Ariel Shead

My dad and I were sitting on a power line, deer hunting as usual. I was into it, but thinking at the same time, "Naw. No big huge buck or doe is gonna walk out there" So while I was half asleep and in a daydream, my dad was watching the part of the power line in his direction. The area I was facing had a lot of tall dead grass.

All of a sudden, I saw a HUGE set of antlers moving up and down through the grass about 35 yards from us. I had a shooting stick in front of me, and my rifle in my lap, so I eased up a little to try to raise the gun.

But darn it all, my dumb stick was too short. I had to get the gun up quick before the buck got away from me!

All I could see was the rear of the buck and his rack. A doe was behind him. Soon, they dropped out of sight into a gully. I was breathing hard and it felt like my heart was in my throat.

My dad told me to stand up and try to see the buck. But all I said was "I can’t see it!" And the last thing I saw was my trophy buck walking away into the woods.


I must add to this story that the very next day, I took my first deer. My dad said he’d never seen me so proud of an accomplishment. And he had never been so proud of me, either. He said although I’d missed the buck of a lifetime, I didn’t give up. He’d missed a few lifetime bucks himself, but, taking all of them could not have made him feel as a whole and complete hunter as he felt that day.

We’re still waiting on that big one that got away to come out of that gully.

--Ariel Shead

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