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Never Assume!

Never Assume!

By Jacob Zhanel

This classic mistake has happened to me more times than I'd like to admit, and I bet it's happened to you, too.

After sitting in the stand for several hours without seeing so much as a squirrel or bird, I would stand up to stretch or grab a snack out of the backpack. As soon as I got to my feet, a deer I couldn't see through the brush would spook and run away.

And how many times have you gotten down out of your stand because of boredom on a slow morning only to jump deer on your way out?

Spooking deer is hard to avoid, and that's just how deer hunting goes sometimes, but it is preventable.

Never assume that just because there's a lull in the action and you cannot see any deer that there aren't any nearby.

If you need to stretch, stand up or have to move, do so with extreme caution. Move SLOWLY, as if a deer is watching you.

If you get down from your stand after a dull morning, never assume deer aren't on the move. Be ready as you walk out.

If you never assume a big buck isn't in the vicinity, you will spook fewer deer and be at the ready at all times.

You never know when a buck of a lifetime might have snuck in quietly and is watching you through the thick stuff!

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