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NASP tournament draws 420 archers in Nebraska

From the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

-- Victoria Hinrichs of Lincoln Northeast High School and Brennan Vroom of Mater Dei Academy in Omaha had the high overall scores March 20 in the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) state tournament.

Hinrichs had the high score for girls with 269 points, while Vroom led the boys with 272.

The event at the Lancaster Event Center in Lincoln drew 420 elementary, middle school and high school archers from 17 schools. The fifth annual tournament was the culminating event in the state for NASP, which is a physical education curriculum that has spread across the nation.

The top-scoring seniors, Briann Olsen of Nebraska City High at 253 points and Mitchell Mathews of Oakland-Craig High at 264, each earned a $500 Saunders Scholarship.

The following teams qualified for the national tournament by winning a state championship or meeting a score requirement:

High School Division – Lincoln North Star, Lincoln Northeast and Mater Dei Academy, Omaha; Middle School Division – Sacred Heart/St. Pat’s and North American Martyrs, Lincoln; Pound, Lincoln; Elementary Division – Superior

All top-five individual finishers also qualified for the national tournament.

The top finishers in each division:

Individual Awards

High School Girls – 1. Victoria Hinrichs, Lincoln Northeast, 269 points; 2. Holly Bower, Superior, 261; 3. Brenda Brinkhoff, Mater Dei Academy, Omaha, 254; 4. Jayme Murgas, Lincoln Northeast, 253; 5. Briann Olsen, Nebraska City, 253.

High School Boys – 1. Brennan Vroom, Mater Dei Academy, Omaha, 272 points; 2. Ryan Hedges, Lincoln Northeast, 265; 3. Dominic Davis, Mater Dei Academy, Omaha, 265; 4. Mitchell Mathews, Oakland-Craig, 264; 5. Jati Zunaibi, Lincoln High, 264.

Middle School Girls – 1. Kendra Schiermeyer, Superior, 260 points; 2. Tara Deschaine, St. Peter’s, Lincoln, 256; 3. Hannah Peterson, Pound, Lincoln, 253; 4. Jenne Suoraz-Morhead, Pound, Lincoln, 251; 5. Sarah Stute, Dundy County-Stratton, 249.

Middle School Boys – 1. Stephen Sandquist, Mater Dei Academy, Omaha, 269 points; 2. Jared Dickey, Pound, Lincoln, 265; 3. Jacob Hawley, Superior, 262; 4. Eric DeJonge, Pound, Lincoln, 262; 5. Nathan Cerise, Mater Dei Academy, Omaha, 259.

Elementary Girls – 1. Harley Schuster, Superior, 242 points; 2. Tess Meyer, Lincoln Northeast, 222; 3. Michaela Benes, North American Martyrs, Lincoln, 220; 4. Catera Nondorf, Superior, 213; 5. Angie Miller, Superior, 212.

Elementary Boys – 1. Ethan Yauney, Dundy County, 261 points; 2. Cale Frahm, Superior, 258; 3. Daniel Albin, Sacred Heart/St. Pat’s, Lincoln, 239; 4. David Sporven, All Saints, Omaha, 238; 5. Dakota Smith, Superior, 235.

Team Awards

High School Division – 1. Mater Dei Academy, Omaha, 2,933 points; 2. Lincoln Northeast, 2,926; 3. Lincoln North Star, 2,894.

Middle School Division – 1. Pound, Lincoln, 2,978 points; 2. Sacred Heart/St. Pat’s/North American Martyrs, Lincoln, 2,693; 3. Dundy County-Stratton, 2,361.

Elementary Division – 1. Superior, 2,552 points; 2. Pound Middle School, Lincoln, 2,280; 3. Dundy County, 2,204.

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