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My Monster Buck!

Cameron Martin

Young huntress' first story would make Jack O'Connor proud!

By Crystal Hood (as told by Cameron)

My daughter is 10-year-old Cameron Martin of Lexington, Miss. She got her first buck on November 8, 2012. It is a heck of a first buck for anyone, and I am proud to help her write her story for you! She wants to title it "My Monster Buck!"

Cameron's Story:

It all started when I was sitting in the pivot stand, playing on my phone. My daddy called my name. He was very excited and nervous.

He told me to settle down, but he was shaking worse than I was.

He handed me the gun. I looked in my scope, and all I could see was my monster buck!

My luck got even better. Another buck followed behind the first one. Now I was even more nervous. I got my monster buck in my scope again and pulled the trigger, and the chase began.

Cameron MartinI was crying with joy, even three minutes later.

Our friend Trent went down the highway, and then my daddy called him and told him how big the buck was.

I was still crying. I stood up, but I was shaking so bad I had to sit back down.

Slowly but surely, I got up and climbed down out of the stand.

Then, we headed to the truck to get the flashlight and start looking for blood.

We started looking and looking and saw nothing.

Then, there it was, a drop on a leaf.

About ten minutes later, our friends Trent, Laura, Mr. Aubrey and their dog Molly got there.

We all went back to the green patch and showed Molly the blood. She was on the deer like that.

The moment had arrived. There it was - my monster buck!

If it wasn't for my daddy, I would not have my monster buck. Thanks, Daddy, for always taking me hunting!

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