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My Lucky Arrow!

Charles Humphrey

Lost arrow helps Missouri man find first deer

By Charles Humphrey

After hunting for seven years without luck, I couldn't believe the unusual way I came to shoot my first deer on November 12, 2012.

Before Missouri's rifle season opened, I decided to go to my deer camp near Riverton to bowhunt. For the first couple of days, I sat long hours without seeing much of anything.

I got so bored I decided to see if I could collect one of the many squirrels near my stand. At least I'd have squirrel meat to show for my efforts.

My attempt failed when a limb deflected my arrow, and the squirrel escaped unscathed. Unfortunately, I left that afternoon without a squirrel or my arrow which I'd searched for without luck.

On Sunday after the rifle season opener, my wife, Crystal, and my nephew, Tyler, accompanied me back to my stand site to look for my arrow. Crystal found it, and we started to head back when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw movement.

I was surprised to see a spike buck slowly walking near us, and at a perfect angle for a broadside shot. Quickly, I whispered for everyone to freeze and be quiet.

My rifle was lying on the ground nearby; I knew I had to move quickly before the spike was out of range.

In one fluent motion, I grabbed my Savage .308, removed the safety, raised it to my shoulder and found the buck's chest in the scope's crosshairs. I squeezed the trigger and made a perfect lung shot!

The buck ran up a hill and Tyler took off after it and shot at it, too. I guess he thought I'd missed!

His shot wasn't perfect, and it hit the buck a bit far back. The good news was the buck dropped without going any farther, and we didn't have to search for it.

I was so happy about taking my first deer, and I was shaking so badly I could barely drag the deer out!

Can you believe on the following Sunday I shot a nice doe in the very same spot where I'd dropped my arrow? It turned out to be my lucky arrow after all!

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