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By Mike Handley

Chris DennistonPrior to last November, Chris Denniston had little use for and practically no confidence in pop-up blinds. Satisfied with climbing stands, the 33-year-old construction shop foreman would’ve never bought one of the tent-like contraptions for himself.

But what was he supposed to do when his mother gave him one for Christmas? Feed it to the moths? Sell it in a yard sale?

He might’ve given it to his brother, whose busted hip kept him out of trees, but their mom bought him one, too.

When Chris went deer hunting on opening morning of Kentucky’s 2010 rifle season, he took his climber. Before leaving his Papaw’s farm, he set up his Christmas present just in case one of his kids or his wife accompanied him on a return trip.

The next morning, although he was alone again, he decided to christen the blind. Before that day, he’d never sat inside one.

Two hours later, Chris saw the first and only deer he would see that day when a buck wafted out of some cedars, jumped a fence and began slinking across the grassy field less than 100 yards in front of him. It was a dead deer walking.

The buck is a 20-inch-wide mainframe 6x6, boosted by eight irregular points. The 20-pointer’s BTR composite score is 202 3/8 (official 182 3/8).

When Chris reached the deer, which had collapsed in the field it was trying to cross, he was speechless. He set his 7mm Mag on the ground and paced like a man waiting for news from the maternity ward.

So, now that he’s sprung for his first deer mount, is he now a believer in pop-ups?

“I can’t hear as well in them,” he admits. “But I’m sure glad I was sitting in it that day.”

The full story behind this two-hour-long Harrison County hunt will appear in the October issue of Rack magazine.

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chris sickler
# chris sickler
Thursday, July 28, 2011 10:00 PM
This story makes me want to try my luck in a blind....I just can't believe it. Great shooting lucky son of a gun.
Thom Baisden
Thursday, August 18, 2011 12:29 PM
I use a pop up all the time and I love it. If you have a favorite, or limited hunting spots, it pays to set one up near your tree stand. If nothing else you can still hunt your favorite spot in wind or inclimate weather. I live in michigan and hunt Oct 1 thru Dec 31, and it gets pretty cold toward the latter. My pop up has given me alot more hours spent in the field than I could have spent in my tree stand. It's also been helpful when hunting state land, you take it in and out with you and it does'nt DISAPPEAR on you.

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