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Mosquitoes Stole My Blood Trail

WileyBy Darin Wiley

-- Kansas bowhunters got an early start in 2008, but the price was having to deal with the heat and bugs. I was out there on Sept. 25, sweating and swatting mosquitoes.

When I’d finally had enough about 6:50 p.m., I dug out the repellent. That’s when I noticed a doe a tad beyond 15 yards, looking at me. I had no chance for a shot; all I could see was her head.

Just when I thought it wasn’t to be, the whine of a cicada in a nearby tree drew the doe's attention away from me long enough for me to put the repellent away and grab my bow.

The deer checked on me from time to time. But each time she looked away, I took advantage. Finally, when she took a couple of steps forward, I drew my bow. She was standing perfectly broadside at 15 yards when I let the arrow fly.

After almost collapsing, she plowed into a fence a couple of yards away. She made it over, but her retreat ended 15 yards farther.

I give God the credit, and I’m even more thankful that there won’t be any mosquitoes in Heaven.

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