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Monsters of the Midday

Check Out Our Video TipsThe first hour of dawn and the last hour of dusk are the magical and highly productive deer hunting times. The white-tailed deer prefers the low-light periods surrounding sunrise and sunset. However, under some conditions, hunting in the middle of the day or all day long can be very effective.

Deer move or feed several times over a 24-hour period. Under a full moon, deer are active during the middle of the night. This might stimulate a corresponding period of movement during the following day. Essentially the same thing occurs when heavy hunting pressure forces nocturnal activity. Also, many experienced hunters suspect that wary bucks pattern hunter movement and are well aware that most hunters are loafing around camp by 10 a.m.

Severe cold weather also seems to get bucks off to a late start and more midday activity. Likewise, cloudy, rainy days, which keep light muted all day, promote daytime feeding and movement.

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