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Mineral Lick Trick

Mineral Lick Trick - By David Hattok

By David Hattok

If you take trail camera photos overlooking mineral licks, sometimes deer don't cooperate as you'd like, especially during the hot, dry days of summer and early fall.

I have a trick to entice deer to use the lick during dry months, and it's as inexpensive as can be.

Save gallon-size plastic milk or tea jugs. Wash them out and fill them almost full of water, and then freeze them. About once a week, take frozen jugs to your mineral lick sites.

The perfect time to set them out is while you're checking trail cameras or refreshing minerals. Cut away the plastic jug and place the ice block in the hole with the mineral lick.

Check Out Our Video Tips!The ice block will slowly melt, usually lasting a day or so. Of course, this all depends on the heat, but the ground will stay moist for several days after the ice melts.

The moisture seems to make mineral licks much more appealing to the deer, and they obviously prefer it to the dry ones.

Judging by the photos I've been getting, you might want to test it yourself.

I hope this tip helps you get more deer pictures, and please don't forget to remove the discarded plastic jug scraps from your locations.