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Med School Hooky!

Wesley Fox

Future doc skips class and doubles up on Scent-Lok

By Wesley Fox

By the time I reached med school, I realized I hadn't drawn a bow since I was a sophomore at University of Wisconsin-Madison three years earlier. School certainly prevented me from hunting as much as I'd have liked. Blame it on lots of midterms and term papers.

However, in 2012 I made a goal of getting into the woods as much as possible even though it was my first semester of med school.

I couldn't wait for the last weekend of October when I planned to take a three-day weekend by skipping Monday's lectures and spending an extra day in the Wisconsin deer woods.

On the morning of October 28, my dad dropped me off at our hunting property, and I walked to a stand.

It was pretty early in the rut, but I could hear deer moving all around me from the moment I buckled my safety strap.

Surprisingly, that morning I only saw a few does and one young buck, but it was nice to be in the woods instead of class.

That afternoon it warmed up quickly, so my dad dropped me off close to another stand around 2:30 to avoid my working up a sweat.

I like to double up on my Scent-Lok suits, but as warm as it was, I was hesitant to wear two sets. But after I settled in, I decided to put on both.

Less than an hour later, I was surprised to hear a twig snap on a hill behind me. I turned and spotted antlers coming my way. I thought, immediately, Shooter!

The buck caught me completely off guard since I hadn't expected anything to move so early on a warm day.

Wesley FoxMy bow was hanging far in front of me, and I wasn't yet wearing a hat, facemask or gloves.

As the buck approached, I thought it would come in to my left, which would be perfect for the wind.

I grabbed my bow as soon as it looked away, and I prepared to set up for a shot to my left. Unfortunately, it chose a trail on my right instead, which would be directly downwind.

I had to readjust for a shot on the bad side, but was relieved to see I'd get an open shot after the buck passed by, and if it didn't smell me.

At that moment, I was very glad I'd put on my two Scent-Lok suits!

When the buck was directly downwind, it stopped momentarily, as if it had caught a tiny whiff of something. But after stopping only for a second, it continued onward, completely at ease.

I drew back my Mathews when the buck was about five yards from the opening. It was only going to be about a 10-yard shot, and I was doing everything I could to avoid looking at the huge rack and possibly become distracted.

Just before it should've stepped into the clearing, it turned 180 degrees and took a few steps back toward me. I had to quickly reevaluate the shot.

I noticed its vitals were between a couple of saplings, and I'd have a shot, but I'd need to bend my knees to shoot beneath an overhanging branch.

With the pin tightly behind the buck's shoulder, I let the arrow fly.

Hunting Stories Wanted!

The buck spun on a dime and ran downhill. I watched it run about 75 yards before I lost sight of it.

I was confident in the shot, so I texted "BBD" to my dad, brother and uncle.

For the past five years, anyone who hunts with us group-texts "BBD" (big buck down) whenever they've shot a buck.

Thirty minutes later, I got down from the stand to check the spot where the buck stood when I'd shot. From a distance, I saw my arrow sticking out of the ground.

It was a clean pass through, my first in the 12 seasons of bowhunting.

I decided to ease out and head back to camp.

When my dad and I returned to track, we found the buck just beyond the point where I'd last seen it.

The 10-pointer scores around 155 inches BTR composite (with spread added) and is my biggest buck to date. It sure looks great on my wall!

Author's Note: I'd like to thank my dad for all his help. He sure made it a lot easier for a busy first-year med student to get out and hunt. Thanks, Dad!

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