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Many hunter ed classes available before OK deer gun season

From Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

-- Chances to attend an Oklahoma hunter education class between now and opening day of deer gun season Nov. 19 are plentiful, with nearly 30 classes scheduled for Nov. 5 and Nov. 12.

Most hunters need the certification to hunt deer without supervision.

With hundreds of courses are offered throughout the year, most Oklahomans do not need to drive far to find a class between now and deer gun season.

In recent years, the Wildlife Department has offered more last minute courses during the weekend prior to the opening day of deer gun season.

In 2010, the Department certified over 3,000 students the two weekends before deer gun season, a significant percentage of the number of students certified all year.

Curriculum for the hunter ed manual was developed by the University of Central Oklahoma with oversight from Department hunter ed instructors. Since it is an Oklahoma specific manual, unlike most of the manuals used in the rest of the country, students will see more Oklahoma scenes and situations throughout the pages of the manual.

Hunters 10 to 30 years old must be hunter education certified to hunt alone, while hunters under 10 years old must be accompanied by a licensed adult hunter 18 years old or older who is hunter education certified or exempt. Hunters exempt from hunter education include those 31 years of age or older, those honorably discharged from or currently on duty in the U.S. Armed Forces and members of the National Guard.

Oklahomans not exempt from hunter education and not hunter education certified may be eligible to hunt with an apprentice-designated hunting license. For full details and license requirements, consult the current Oklahoma Hunting Guide or check online at

Even those hunters who can hunt with an apprentice-designated hunting license are encouraged to complete a hunter education course.

The Wildlife Department offers a full listing of available upcoming hunter education courses online at

Visitors to the site can learn when and where classes will be held; phone numbers are provided if pre-registration is required.

Hunter education covers a variety of topics including firearm safety and handling, treestand safety, ethics, muzzleloader hunting, archery, wildlife identification and wildlife management. It is available as a standard eight-hour course, as an internet course or as a workbook home study course.