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Robert Taylor

By Mike Handley

For four years, Robert Taylor and his son, Jerry, retrieved nighttime trail camera photographs of a buck that appeared to have 30 or more points. They saw it first in 2009, and it grew bigger every year.

Robert, a 50-year-old homebuilder from Aubrey, Texas, owns 4.7 acres north of Lake Ray Roberts in Grayson County. Until this buck showed, they hunted that place mainly because it was closer to home than the lease they hunt near Childress, where chances of taking much bigger whitetails are far greater.

Last season, Jerry wound up shooting a double-beamed 9-pointer, which meant his father had dibs. And when the buck of many points showed up for the first time on Dec. 11, Robert devoted 16 of the next 18 days to lying in wait for it.

He almost got his chance a day or two after they retrieved the initial photo, but a limb blocked the shot. Opportunity came knocking again on Dec. 29.

The buck appeared close to 5:00, jumped the fence and snuffled up a few corn kernels at the farthest feeder. It then went onto the food plot Robert's homemade treestand overlooks.

A short while later, it joined some does and another buck almost underneath the bodock tree supporting the wide-eyed hunter. When Robert released his arrow, the deer was merely 15 yards from him.

Even though he'd drooled over photographs and even seen the buck in the flesh a half-dozen times, Robert still didn't realize just how substantial his buck is until it was green-scored by a couple of Pope and Young measurers. After two or three hours of deliberating and measuring, they arrived at close to 250 inches, which meant it was a contender as a new state P&Y record -- on par with another 2012 buck arrowed earlier that season.

I had the privilege of measuring this buck for the BTR. Because of our rules regarding cluster and common base points, rules that rarely even come into play, the deer fares much better with us. As a 53-pointer, it carries a composite (true gross) score of 284 4/8 inches.

With an official score of 264 7/8, it bests the former Lone Star compound bow record, also from Grayson County, by nearly 50 inches. It's also the second-largest, free-roaming Texas buck ever recorded with the BTR, the largest being an 1899 McCulloch County whitetail known as the Brady Buck.

Since I shook Robert's hand and informed him that his first-ever bowkill is a new state record with the BTR, the same two P&Y measurers who green-scored the rack came up with a preliminary net score of 254 4/8 inches, enough to also be the new state record with them (if that tally holds). I suspect it'll be panel-scored when the group convenes again two years from now.

The complete story behind this unique trophy will appear in Rack magazine this fall.

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# amarine1
Tuesday, April 09, 2013 1:17 PM
What an interesting and unique trophy buck!

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