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Matt Sheterom

By Mike Handley

An Ohio real estate agent learned last year that the best way to hit a curve ball is to go out swinging.

After severely injuring his hand and ulnar nerve during a bowhunting trip to Arizona early in 2011, Matt Sheterom thought he’d be sidelined for the rest of the season, at best. He feared he might never again be able to hunt with a bow.

But that was before he struck up a conversation with a fellow vacationer, also from Ohio, in the Dominican Republic. Their idle hunting chat resulted in his becoming fast friends with Steve Esker.

“When I told Steve I couldn’t hold a compound bow any longer and might have to forego the upcoming hunting season, he told me of all the shoulder issues he suffers and how he now hunts with a crossbow,” Matt said.

“We became fast friends, and he offered to help me in any way he could.”

When Matt returned to Ohio, his grip worsened. A neuro surgeon told him the knife was required.

“The doctor also advised me that I would not be able to bowhunt for at least the upcoming season,” he said. “I was very frustrated because I had this new 100-acre property that held great potential.

“My surgery was Oct. 6. From that point on, I was pretty much grounded from hunting. I talked to Steve about what was happening, and he told me he had a spare crossbow that he would lend me if I wanted to try it.

“I had known Steve for only a few months. That he would do this for me was incredible,” Matt added.

The doctor gave the okay, as long as Matt waited another three weeks.

“Steve showed me all there was to know about crossbows, and I spent quite a bit of time learning to cock, aim and shoot it,” Matt said.

Another friend helped Matt build and brush-up a blind on scaffolding, underneath the treestand he’d wanted to use.

He christened the new blind on Nov. 2, arriving about noon. The only deer he saw wore a massive, dark rack with lots of points, even drop tines.

When it passed within 27 yards, Matt lowered the boom and sent the crossbow’s bolt into its vitals.

There’s another aspect to Matt’s story as well, which will make you think twice about leaving suburbia in your rearview mirror en route to your favorite hunting destination. But you’ll have to read Ed Waite’s story about it in Rack magazine next fall.

By the way, this exceptional 9x9 is No. 22 among Irregulars felled by crossbow in Ohio.

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