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Lucky Charm

PhotoBy Amanda Simon
-- It was Nov. 11, 2006, the opening morning of modern rifle season and my first time to go deer hunting. My boyfriend, Kyle, and I went to the woods at around 6 a.m., about an hour and a half before sun up. Kyle dropped me off at my stand, and he went on to his.

After sitting in the treestand for around half an hour, freezing rain started to fall and the temperature dropped to 35 degrees. As I sat in the treestand, I began wondering if deer hunting is worth this much trouble. Why am I in a treestand is this terrible weather? I should be in bed sleeping.

I heard Kyle rattling the antlers, and I could barely see him from my stand. He was about 50 yards away, but we were hunting in a heavily wooded area in central Kentucky. I turned around to see him stand up and shoot. Kyle walked to my stand, and I asked him if he got the deer.

He replied, "I'm not sure. It was running after a doe and never stopped!" So, we went searching for his buck, and I was walking down a ridge while he walked the top of it. I excitedly said, "Hey, there it is!" The buck was rapped between two trees about 20 yards from where Kyle's connected with the buck. Kyle recognized this buck as one he had been hunting for a few years. It was a mature 8-point buck, which we considered to be the dominant buck in our area.

Kyle had pictures of it from the year before. We thought our day was over, so Kyle headed for the four-wheeler. I stayed behind to watch for another buck he had seen. As Kyle made it over the hill, I spotted a 3-point buck about 100 yards away.

The buck went behind some brush about 50 yards in front of me. I thought I missed my chance. Then, I noticed that the buck walked out into the open. I squatted down about 5 feet in front of the buck Kyle had just taken. I lifted my rifle and waited for this one to step out behind the tree. My shot rang out, and the buck dropped. That's when I decided that it is worth sitting in freezing rain and 30-degree weather to have an adrenaline rush like that.

Kyle came back, and we loaded the deer up. Kyle's buck weighed about 220 pounds and my buck was around 180 pounds. Not only was this my first hunting experience but my first deer and my first buck. That just does not happen too often!
Amanda Simon
Shepherdsville, Kentucky

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