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Look Out Behind You!

Look Out Behind You!

By Jerrame McKeever

We've all hunted stand locations where deer will approach from any direction. It's incredibly difficult to monitor several areas at once, especially if a trail is directly behind you.

Having to turn and look all the time creates a lot of unwanted movement, not to mention repeatedly twisting your back.

Some time ago, I came up with a solution for stands like these that has served me well.

I've found that a couple of strategically placed bicycle mirrors on my treestand help me detect deer I wouldn't have seen without my mirrors. It works!

Make sure to get adjustable mirrors with swivel-heads or bendable bases so you can alter the angles properly.

Most models are inexpensive and come with brackets to mount on bicycle handlebars. These will also mount to most treestand arms and rails.

If you decide to attach your mirrors to tree limbs, long zip ties will work for this purpose.

At certain times of the day, the sun can glare off the mirrors, so remember to turn them away from the sun at that time of day.

No more constant twisting around in the stand and straining when you hear something behind you.

Good luck, and I hope you'll try the mirror tip. It's worked for me!

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